Health & Safety

Dalmac Oilfield Services Inc. recognizes and acknowledges there are many risks associated with working and operating in oilfield services industry. Management is deeply committed to creating and maintaining a safe working environment throughout all the operations of our company. As a Company we are always conscious of making safety a top priority and it is towards that goal that we are constantly monitoring and improving our policies and procedures in order to provide a more secure and safe work place for all personnel.

Dalmac's objective is to engage the cooperation of all personnel in job safety awareness which ranges from safe work practices, hazard identification and all the way through to through to protection of the environment.  With the goal of creating of a safety minded culture Dalmac emphasizes and stresses safe work practices starting from the initial employment orientation and continuing throughout the entire length of employment. Dalmac prides itself on its safety standards which not only comply with the standards of government and environmental regulations but in many cases exceed them.

All of our employees, contractors and subcontractors are instructed on and expected to follow the safety regulations as set out in the Occupational Health and Safety Act as well as corporate safety policies and procedures. All personnel in the employment of Dalmac are required to note and record any unsafe conditions and acts as soon as they occur and report them to their immediate supervisor. Everybody is responsible for the practice and adherence to job site safety. It is only by following safe work practices that we can ensure an accident free and a safe working environment.

The management of Dalmac Oilfield Services Inc. along with the cooperation of all our employees is committed to the success of our Health and Safety Program which strives for a 100% incident free workplace.

Dalmac Oilfield Services is registered with ISNetworld and Complyworks.