Vacuum Trucks

Dalmac Oilfield Services Inc. vacuum units steam and wash facilities, transfer liquids and solids, and clean up spills.


Tridrive Combo vac Units

  • 3m3 wash water tank
  • 13m3 debris tank
  • 1 Million BTU boiler
  • Steam capabilities
  • 400 psi wash system

Tandem Steamer/Vac Combos

  • 4500 - 5500kg payload with 10.5m3 wash water tanks
  • Capable of small debris hydrovac jobs

Tridrive Steamer/Vac Combos

  • 10,800kg payload with 14m3 vacuum tanks
  • 2m3 wash water tanks
  • 1 million BTU boiler
 Single Axle Units
  • 1 million BTU boiler
  • 4m3 wash tank
  • 4000 psi wash system
  Tridrive Straight Vac Units
  • Tridem pup available