Tank Trucks

Tank Trucks are used in conjunction with the Hot Oilers and Pressure units as well as for hauling oil and water to and from wells and facilities. Dalmac Oilfield Services Inc. also has a designated Potable Water tanker.  

Tank Trucks

  • Sour service with pups/scrubbers
  • Tandem pup/quad units with scrubbers
  • Methanol/frac oil tandem with pup and quad
  • Super B unit for methanol/frac oil
  • Stainless Steel Sour Sealed with pup.
  • Tridem Sour Sealed with pups.

Full Crude Spec 16 m3 Body Jobs

  • Internal scrubbers
  • Approx. 13,000 kg payload




  • 34,000 Kgs payload based on H2O
  • 1.2 m3 per minute T&E pump
  • Titan gauges/alarms
 Quad Trailers Full Crude Spec
  • Can be paired with any of the above trucks
  • Approx. 23,000 kg payload

Tandem 16 m3 Pup

  • Approx. 11,000 kg payload
 Tridem 18 m3 Pup
  • 16,000 kg payload
 Tractor Trailer Units
  • Stainless Trailers with scrubbers
  • 32000 kg payload
 Clean Fluid Body Job and Quad
  • No hydro-carbons
  • Approx. 36,000 kg payload

Potable Water Trucks

  • 15 m3 payload
  • 10 m3 payload

Filter Units

  • 1 6 pot oil unit
  • 1 covered heated water unit